Company Profile



Anhui Transport Consulting & Design Institute Co., Ltd. (ATCDI), founded in 1960, is a state-owned holding enterprise, registered with a capital of RMB 243 million and currently staffed with about 1,000 professionals and technicians. At present, ATCDI, together with its subsidiaries, has grown into an integrated survey and design enterprise granted with such qualifications as Class A Provider for Works Consultation Services, Class A Integrated Provider for Works Survey Services, Class A Provider for Highway Design Services, Class A Designer for Water Transport Industry (Port Works, Hydraulic Works for Shipyards, Navigation Construction, Waterway Works, Water Traffic Control Works, and Technology for Cargo Handling at Ports), Class A Service Provider for Municipal Works (Drainage Engineering, Road Engineering, Bridge Engineering, Urban Tunnel Engineering), Class A Service Provider for Construction Works (Architectural Engineering), Class B Service Provider for Landscape Architecture and Municipal Works (exclusive of gas engineering and rail transit projects), Integrated Class A Qualification for Highways Works Test and Detection, Class A Qualification for Water Transport Works Test, Class A Qualification for Supervision Services of Highways and Water Transport Works, as well as other qualifications for transport planning and consultation, water and soil conservation, environmental impact assessment, urban planning, and geological disaster assessment. In addition, ATCDI is an integrated survey and design institution accredited for foreign work contract and management rights.

ATCDI’s scope of business involves design and consultation services for traffic and transport works, mainly covering technical services regarding the survey, design, consultation, research and development, testing and detection, and engineering supervision for such industries as highways, water transport, municipal works, building, water conservancy, environmental and territorial management and remediation, and landscape architecture, as well as development, promotion and application of engineering technologies and materials for transport works, maintenance, information service, recycling of road-use materials, road ecology and prevention and control of geological hazards. ATCDI, furnished with the top-notch survey, test and inspection devices as well as computer hardware and software systems, has established a responsive, efficient platform for office work and commercial informationization, and dedicates itself to whole-process, all-round, and multi-domain integrated services through continuous technical innovations.

In terms of its organizational structure, ATCDI has already established a sound corporate governance structure consisting of Shareholders' General Meeting, Board of Directors, CPC Committee, Board of Supervisors and the Senior Management; with a standardized internal institutional framework set up, it has formulated and refined its rules and regulations. Eight functional departments, one engineering technology center and one business project management center are set up in ATCDI, together with a good number of integrated, specialized production branches covering roads, bridges, municipal works, tunnels, planning, construction and other integrated professional production branches.

ATCDI, a sincere practitioner of its corporate concept of “Values, Professionalism and Dedication”, is always striving to fulfill its mission of being “A Provider for Quality Works and A Designer of Modern Transport”. So far, it has attained impressive accomplishments, including surveys and designs for highways of over 5,000 km, the works for super-large, high-tech bridges of high difficulties, represented by the Yangtze River Bridge at Anqing, the Yangtze River Bridge at Ma’anshan, Wangdong Yangtze River Bridge, and Taiping Lake Bridge, tunnel works of about 300 km in terms of one-way mileage, represented by Longpu Tunnel and Mingtangshan Tunnel, wharf engineering represented by the container terminal of Hefei International Port and Wuhu Conch Port, and survey and design services for ship-lock engineering, like Yingshang Lock over Shaying River and Huihe Lock in Qi County; it has mastered the leading technologies in survey and design for geotechnical engineering, including high slope protection and control, and the treatment for deep road cutting, karst cavities, goaf, soft foundation; in addition, it has built up rich experience in the management and operation of general contracted projects, like BOT, BT and EPC. At present, although based in Anhui, ATCDI has developed a multi-discipline and diversified business pattern oriented to both Chinese and international markets, including over 20 provinces and autonomous regions in China, like Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai, Guangdong, Hunan, Sichuan, Yunnan, and foreign countries, such as Mozambique, Benin, Tanzania, Uganda and Libya.

ATCDI, relying on the scientific and technological innovations, provides integrated products and services for engineering constructions in cross regions and multiple disciplines (upstream and downstream and related industries), and has harvested about 300 awards for its outstanding survey, design, consultation, and technological advancements, including Chinese Civil Engineering Zhan Tianyou Award, Gold Award for China’s Outstanding Engineering Design, Global BE Innovation Award, George Richardson Award, and other honors at state, ministry and province levels. ATCDI owns the Research and Development Center for Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection for Highway Transport & Equipment Traffic and Transportation Industry, Enterprise Technology Center accredited by Anhui Province and Hefei Research Center of Engineering Technology for Bridge Diagnosis. In 2014, ATCDI received an AA Credit Rating, the highest of its type in the industry, from the Chinese Ministry of Transport in the integrated credit evaluation of Chinese highway design and construction institutions, and in 2015, it was accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Commerce as a Consultation Service Provider for Foreign Aid Projects. Since 2013, ATCDI has been rated as Outstanding Innovative Enterprise of Chinese Survey and Design Industry, Integrity Chinese Provider for Engineering Survey and Geotechnical Industry, Outstanding Civilized Enterprise of Chinese Transport Culture Establishment and 10th Civilized Enterprise of Anhui Province and Enterprise of Observing Contract and Valuing Credit of Anhui Province. It is a high-tech enterprise authenticated with the accreditations for quality, environment and occupational health.