Party Branch of the Bridge Branch Being Awarded the Title of “Grassroots Party Branch Standardization Demonstration Base”


In order to further enhance the level of party building standardization work, the Group launched the declaration work of grassroots party branch standardization demonstration base. Recently, after qualification examination, on-site review, online publicity and other assessment procedures carried out by the Group, the party branch of the Bridge Branch was awarded the title of grassroots “party branch standardization demonstration base”.

Since the supervision and inspection of the Group and the provincial leaders, the party branch of the Bridge Branch, adhering to the concept of “party building-based, technology-led, innovation first, brand created”, has made steady headway in the work of party building, consciously combined party building work with design work to promote the design work and continued to go a procedural, systematic and standardized way on the basis of the party building work. Specific initiatives include,

1. The party branch developed “Looking back” strategies to implement the party building work in a fast and timely manner with the quality and quantity assured;

2. Went a procedural and standardized way with the “four booklets and six volumes” as the frame;

3. Promoted the “standardization of the home of party members”, improved the hardware measures to create a good atmosphere for learning and education;

4. Took the initiative to carry out various forms of “theme education” activities to always remind party members that “stay true to the mission”;

5. Established “party member demonstration post”, developed “mentoring 1 +1” and “double training double leading” system to promote

the development;

6. And embraced the “Internet +” and created “self-study school registration” and other party building new ways and means.

Although there were loads of difficulties, we are conquering its summit. “The Party branch standardization demonstration base” is not only an incentive to promote the work of party building, but also a spur to future party building work. The party branch of the Bridge Branch will continue to play the role of fighting fortress, promote production by the party building and strive for more quality works.