The Fifth “Pioneer Cup” Basketball League Championship Successfully Closed


Inaugurated on Oct. 14 2016, the Fifth “Pioneer Cup” Basketball League Championship came to its climax when the last two games of this season took place on Nov. 2, 2016 in the afternoon after 14 rounds of wonderful group matchs and Kickout rounds. Bridge United took on Seven-Star Engineering Testing Team in the third-place play-off. HQ United competed with Municipal United got their tails up for the final of the league championship. Wang Jishuang, Deputy Party Secretary and President of ATCDI, watched the game among audience.

Given the adjustment among professional divisions and the intenal turnover of personnel, members of each individual League team transfer accordingly, leave alone the competitive new recruits, all have brought a significant change to the Basketball League Match of this season. The once ever-victorious Bridge United and Seven-Star Engineering Testing Team have lost out on their opponents in the semifinals last week. Bridge United was defeated by the Municipal United coached by Zhang Wenjun. The Seven-Star Engineering Testing Team, with its strenth crippled by the injury break of its leader players, has lost to the energetic HQ United. At last, Municipal United and HQ United made it to the finals, left Bridge United and Seven-Star into the third-place play-off.

In the anticipated Thir-place play-off, Seven-Star Engineering Testing Team kept itself within the game with dogged defense and sharp shooting during the first-quarter. However, Tang Guoxi, basketball center from Bridge United got into gear and made full play of his inside rebounding skill while Liang Changhai stormed to the rim and scored with beautiful layups. Wu Zhigang’s quick attack pull away to a double-digit leads. Bridge United won the Third Place 49-35.  

The Final match is intense and hectic as it can be. Coaches from both teams fought with wits and courage.  Municipal United organized attacks around their star player, Xia Kai, also being the targetman man-marked by specially-assigned players of the HQ United through out the game. This stratagy came into play in the first half as the attacks organized by Municipal United were contained, resulting in a 10-point leading position of the HQ United. Resolute changes in tactics made by Coach Zhang Wenjun laid stress on playing defense at the opponent’s scoring points. Xia Kai, being screened by other team members, nails the difficult 3-pointers repeatedly, and kept Municipal United within striking distance of just 3 points. The tight game of defense-over-attack reduced the offensive efficiency until Wang Xiao from the HQ United broke things loose by making his way to the inside several times and played up the 2+1, extended their lead to 8 points. With a big lead, HQ United made every second count to launch attacks. Municipal United’s turnovers points in the limited last few minutes didn’t turn the tide. HQ United eventually won the Championship by a 5-point narrow margin. Wang Jishuang presented the Championship Trophy to the top four league teams. The “Pioneer Cup” Basketball League Match came to a complete success.

Compared with that of 2015, the Baskeetball League Championship 2016 is even more fierce and breath-taking. There have been Overtime in both Group matches and Knockout matches. And four games ended with narrow defeats of less than five points. With more and more staffs participating in the basketball match, and the well-matched league teams, the Basketball League Championship has enriched employees’ culture life and aroused their enthusiasm towards sports, and achieved the goal of boosting the strength of brotherhood and promoting communications. The team spirit revealed through perseverence has also embodied the core value of “Values, Professionalism and Dedication” that pushes ATCDI forward. Let’s look forward to a even better Basketball League Championship 2017.

Winners of the League Match 2016

High Morality Prize Transportation Survey Team

Excellent Organization Prize Road United

Fair Competition Prize Specialized Branch United

Fourth Place Seven-Star Engineering Testing Team

Third Place Bridge United

Second Place Municipal United

Champion HQ United