Wang Yao Ming Led the Team to Chizhou Yangtze River Highway Bridge Connection Project for Design Review


From November 3 to 4, 2016, with the roaring of mechanicals, it was the scene in full swing at the connection site of Chizhou Yangtze River Highway Bridge.  Wang Yaoming, deputy general manager of the ATCDI, Sun Yexiang, deputy chief engineer, Wu Zhengsheng, deputy director of engineering and technology department, Wang Zhifeng, deputy president of the Second Branch, Zhao Bo, chief engineer of Geotechnical Branch, Luo Meiqing, chief engineer of Second Bridge Branch, and related designers visited Chizhou Yangtze River Highway Bridge connection project for design review. They further checked the compliance between the construction site and the design content, collected design problems and the demands of the construction units, and acquired the progress of the construction to identify and solve problems in a timely manner and provide follow-up services of the design.

The Chizhou Yangtze River Highway Bridge connection project is located along the Yangtze River, thus, the engineering geological conditions are complex, water networks and roads are developed, and adverse geological phenomena including soft soil, karst, expansive soil, unstable slope exist in most of the sections. It has difficulties in construction.  The visiting group, firstly accompanied by the owner and construction unit, made the on-site inspection to every section of the project one by one.  Subsequently, a communicating meeting was held at the office of the connection project. At the meeting, the parties participated in the construction spoke highly of the design quality of the ATCDI and expressed sincere gratitude for ATCDI’s timely and effective technical support. The group answered the questions raised by the construction unit, and put forward the corresponding solutions.