ATCDI’s Assembly-channel Technology Won the “Best Innovation Incubation Award”


From November 5 to 6, 2016, sponsored by the Journal of Bridge, the 2016 “Innovation-driven Transportation Development Academician Forum”, “Bridge Technology and Product Innovation Incubation Competition” and “China Traffic Technology and Culture Forum” was held in Chongqing. Xu Hongguang, general manager of the ATCDI, invited as the special guest, led the team to participate in the forum for exchange.  

Huang Zhendong, the former minister of the Ministry of Communications, Hu Xijie, the former deputy minister, Zhou Haitao, the former chief engineer, foreign Academician Deng Wenzhong of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Academician Wang Jingquan, Hou Baorong, Nie Jianguo, Zhou Xuhong, Chen Zhengqing and Du Yanliang of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and other leaders and experts and more than 300 representatives from various enterprises and institutions, universities and research institutions attended the meeting.

The “Roadshow and Award of Bridge Technology and Product Innovation Incubation Competition” was held on November 5 at the Academic Exchange Center in Chongqing Jiaotong University, which is the show stage for scientific research and innovation-oriented enterprises with innovative spirits, innovative technology and products. 21 finalists including the ATCDI, SUCDRI, IOCAS and ZPMC participated in the roadshow, which respectively made 3-minute of “product innovation demonstration speech” to show the core technology research and development and the project promotion value in the bridge construction. According to the expert technical scoring and selection, the ATCDI’s “assembly-type concrete channel technology” roadshow won the best innovation incubation award. Xu Hongguang, the special guest, accepted the award and the on-site interviews on issues including the ATCDI’s innovative technology research and development, the industrial technology promotion in the future capital market, etc.

This competition, which aimed to integrate innovative resources, create a bridge industry innovation service platform, and help enterprises to connect the market, finance and other key external resources needed for innovative development and to achieve leapfrog healthy development, had a positive significance for promoting the ATCDI’s series of innovations and improving its industry influence.