ATCDI Joined Strategic Alliance Organization


Recently, initiated by CCCC Highway Consultants Co., Ltd., the Strategic Alliance of Technological Innovations for Assembled Steel-structure Bridge Industry held its establishment conference at China Communications Construction Co., Ltd., the joint founders including ATCDI and other 30 leading enterprises in the industry. Leaders from the Ministry of Transport, Zhou Jichang, CCCC former chairman and president of China Highway Construction Association and Sun Ziyu, CCCC Vice Chairman, unveiled the Alliance. Xu Hongguang, ATCDI’s General Manager, attended the alliance meeting and signed the agreement.

The establishment of Strategic Alliance of Technological Innovations for Assembled Steel-structure Bridge Industry, will make it the supplier of the whole industry chain, standard specification elevator, propeller of the mechanism innovation and the leader of the high-end products. With the clear division of work and cooperation, member enterprises will achieve the internationally advanced whole-industry chain and technologies in assembled steel structure bridges and develop professional talents in steel bridge research and development, design, manufacturing, construction, management , conservation and maintenance and other aspects so as to upgrade the chain technology and construction mechanisms into an international level and realize related objectives and goals.

The Alliance will take the road and bridge projects invested by China Construction and Alliance member as the starting point to build several expressways and independent major bridges as demonstration projects, so as to lead Chinese highway and bridge industry to break through the “medium-scale bottleneck” with innovative construction mechanism and powerful, integrated service capability, and towards internationally advanced providers on the whole, and by reaching high-end level, international standard, drive Chinese enterprises "going global" in the state strategy of “Output of Capital and Technology, and the Belt and Road".

Triggered by the needs of bridge industrialization in recent years, ATCDI attaches great importance to the innovative design and development of the bridges with steel structure, especially the bridges of a combined structure, and has made remarkable achievements. ATCDI’s participation in the Alliance as an important member, will further enhance its innovation and resource influence in the field of steel structured bridge.