Hefei Xinqiao International Airport Expressway Passed the Acceptance


Hefei Xinqiao International Airport Expressway, “the first road to the Gate of Anhui Province”, is the main thoroughfare connecting Hefei Xinqiao International Airport with the main urban area of Hefei. The project, north to airport gate, south to Hefei Changjiang West Road, is 17.601km long, of which the starting section with the length of 1.443km and the end section of 2.026km adopt urban expressway standards while the middle section of 14.132 km uses highway standards. Airport Expressway is an important channel for vehicles from Hefei and surrounding cities to reach Xinqiao International Airport. It is also a convenient road for vehicles from Hefei south district, west district, Gaoxin District, Jingkai District and Binhu District on and off Hefei-Lu’an Expressway. The highway section adopts six-lane standards, of which the roadbed width is 46.5m and the design speed is 100km/h. The urban expressway section adopts eight-lane plus auxiliary road standards, of which the roadbed width is 75m, the design speed is 80km/h, the speed of auxiliary road is 40km/h and the median strip is 15m wide, and the construction conditions for Light Rail Line 8 is reserved.

On May 10, 2013, the airport expressway was officially opened to traffic. As the comprehensive traffic typical demonstration project of the Transport Department of Anhui Province, the airport expressway, relying on the leading technology, practicability and reliability, beautiful environment and rich connotation, becomes a model. It combines integration, intelligence, industrialization and sophistication in one. During more than three years of trial operation, it has been widely recognized by all circles. Its reliable quality and smooth operation fully guarantee the seamless combination between road traffic and aviation.

On November 10, 2016, organized by the Transport Department of Anhui Province, the completion-based acceptance meeting was held. The participating experts gave a high appraisal of the project construction. The project scored 95.5 points, of which the design unit obtained 97.2 points.