2016 ATCDI Fun Sports Meet Held


The 2016 “Happy 7- Star Cup” Fun Sports Meet was held at the ground floor plaza of ATCDI Office Building on Nov. 11, 2016. Wang Jishuang, ATCDI’s President and Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, declared the commencement of the Sports Meet. Xie Hongxin, Deputy Managing Director, addressed the opening speech. And Xu Hongguang, Managing Director, delivered the closing speech and declared the Meet closed. ATCDI’s leaders, including Wang Yaoming, Yang Chuanyong, Chen Xiuhe and Mao Hongqiang, took part in the Meet.

There are altogether 7 individual events, namely “Press Releasing”, “Stroke Pingpang”, “Fun Basketball Shooting”, “Sharpshooter”, “Rice Transplanting Race”, “Rope Skipping” and “shuttlecock kicking” and 6 team events, including “Shiatsu Steeplechase”, “Tramcar”, “The Furthest Distance”, “Back-to-Back”, “Maze” and “Tug-of-War”. Amidst the shouting and laughter of the cheering squad, 26 delegations representing the HQ, branch offices and subsidiaries and composed of over 600 employees have participated in the Meet. Good teamwork, perfect unison, high spirits and vibrant energy, the youthful air and genuine passion were permeating the whole field, fully demonstrating the good spirits of all staff. After the one-day competition, the First Group Award went to Bridge Branch Institute, the Second Group Award to both the Second and Fifth Bridge Branch Institutes and the Third Group Award to the Second Branch, and the Third to Municipal Branch Institute and Zhongcheng Engineering Company.

In recent years, ATCDI have actively enhanced its accreditation through its business expansion and the preparation of getting listed. The brand image is well promoted with more and more employees contributing to the enterprise cohesion. The purpose of holding such a fun sports meeting is to build a platform of “Happy Sports and Individual Show” for employees, to enjoy fun in work and create value in fun, to enhance a healthy life awareness and teamwork, and to bring out vigor and cohesion for ATCDI’s future success.