G3 Beijing-Taipei Expressway (Fangxing Avenue - Mayan Section) Reconstruction and Extension Project- Construction Drawing Design Passed the Review


Preliminary Review on the construction drawing design for Beijing-Taipei Expressway (Fangxing Avenue-Mayan Section) Reconstruction and Extension Project was held by the Transport Department of Anhui Province and Anhui Transportation Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. in Hefei on September 1 to 2, 2016. Representatives from Anhui Traffic Police Corps Highway Detachment and Anhui Highway Administration Corps attended the session, joined by 17 specially invited experts and relevant design personnel from ATCDI also attended the meeting.

Experts debriefed both the design report, and the consultant report given by Beijing Jianda Road & Bridge Consulting Co., Ltd. They discussed with ATCDI designers for one and a half day while reviewing the design proposal and relevant technical documents. The construction drawing design was highly recognized by all and some guidance was offered as well.

Leaders from the Transport Department and other institutions and participating experts both agreed that the design work was a good embodiment for ATCDI’s enterprise spirit, characterized with a pioneering devotion, and its professionalism of its project team featuring scientific and exquisite quality. The project was the first highway reconstruction and extension project independently undertaken by ATCDI; with respect to the project characteristics, the project team has conducted design research at a large scale, covering the assessments on existing roads and safety, utilization of old and waste materials and traffic arrangement during construction period, all of which could be evidenced from the submission of technical data, review and report work.

(三分院  高又兵)