S238 Highway Huaining Section Reconstruction & Upgrading Project - Phase I Gaohe - Huangdun Section (Improvement of the Original Huanggao Route) Passed the Review


Anqing Engineering Consulting Institute, entrusted by the Development and Reform Commission of Anqing City, hosted the Preliminary Design Review Session for the S238 Highway Huaining Section Reconstruction Project - Phase I (Gaohe-Huangdun Section) in Huaining County on Sept. 28, 2016 to reconstruct and upgrade the original Huanggao Route. Experts debriefed ATCDI’s preliminary design report and took advices from relevant authorities. After rounds of in-depth discussions base on the design documents, they have drawn the conclusion that the preliminary design documents, being well-rounded and complete in contents, satisfy the mandatory requirements as stated in relevant highway construction specifications. The in-depth elaboration is in line with the requirements as stipulated in the Measures For The Compilation of Project Design Documents For Highway Engineering and the Sample Diagrams in Project Design Documents For Highway Engineering. The perfected Report can be submitted for approval.

Preliminary design review was completed in only one month from the date of bid award due to a tight construction schedule and the heavy workload, which involved surveying and mapping, field survey and design. By back scheduling and overtime working, and under the supervision of the Assistant Chief Engineer, Cheng Weicheng, the design proposal was accomplished as scheduled by the First Branch Office and was well received by the Owner.  

The mainline (16.604km) stretches from the intersection of Yu’er Road (Weiliu Road) and S209 all the way to the west of Leijialong, Sanqiao Town to cross with G318, starting from the west end of the railway bridge (reconstructed from a flat bridge to an overpass) of the Anqing feeder line of Hefei-Jiujiang Railway.

The connection with Jingong Town starts from the current S209, and by taking advantage of the Shipai Avenue, the road connects with the proposed G206, a total length approximating 8.17km.

Xiushan-Gongling Connecting Line starts from Xiushan Village and ends in Gongling Town, in a link with X201, the total length approximately amounting to 4.6km.