Construction Drawing Design For Grade II Highway G213 Project Passed the Review


Preliminary Review on the Construction Drawing Design For Grade II Road G213 Zhangye (South Gansu) - Qilian (Qinghai) Section was held by Road Division of Transport Department of Gansu Province in Lanzhou on Sept. 28, 2016. Representatives from the Comprehensive Planning Office, Financial Assets Management Office, Audit Office, Technical Service Office, Gansu Highway Administration, Gansu Transport Engineering Quality & Safety Administration, Gansu Highway Engineering Quota Management Office, Zhangye Transportation Bureau, Sunan County Transportation Bureau attended the session, joined by Shenzhen Highway Consultant Co., Ltd, which served as the consultant party. Under Huang Weidong, President of the Fifth Branch Institute under ATCDI, Vice President Liu Zhengli, together with the major design personnel from the Railway & Geotechnical Engineering Branch, Civil Work Branch, Communications Branch, Transport and Architecture Design Institute have attended the Review.

Experts were briefed on ATCDI’s drawing design report, and the consultant report given by Shenzhen Highway Consultant Co., Ltd. Constructive comments and suggestions were invited for discussions. It is concluded that the design documents were complete and well supported by tables and charts and basic data, thus conforming to the requirements as stipulated in the Measures For The Compilation of Project Design Documents For Highway Engineering. It would be made ready for delivery and implementation after being modified and approved. The design of construction drawings received unanimous applause from the Owner and experts. The Owner highly praised the initiative that ATCDI has taken during the design phase for smooth communication with relevant departments, and for the elaboration in the collection of basic information.

The said highway project, as the extension of the Jiuquan- Sunan section of G213 Highway, stretches North southward from Sunan County, Gansu to Qilian County, Qinghai, connecting Laohugou, Moguwanzi, Dawan, Baiquanmen and Dacha Pasture, and ends at Qilian County after its crossing Nammu Dongchagou and through Dongshan Mountain via a new tunnel. It connects G213 Qilian-Haibei Section, which intersects and crosses Qinghai Provincial Road S215. The altitude ranges from 2,209m to 4,153m with the tunnel being at an altitude of 3,845m. The design speed of this Grade II highway (total length: 62.8km) is 40Km/h and the roadbed will be 8.5m in width. One tunnel (3,639m) and 23 bridges (1,610m) accounted for a tunnel-bridge ratio of 8.4%.

The drawing design’s passing the preliminary review has laid a solid foundation for the commencement of the project. The Fifth Branch has put in joint efforts to tackle the challenges. The highly praised Design Proposal was timely completed in high quality, despite the high altitude, freezing-cold temperature and other unfavorable conditions.