Review for Construction Drawing Design of Wohe Tunnel Project, Bozhou Held


The Design Review Session for Wohe Tunnel Project, Bozhou Tangwang Avenue was hosted by Bozhou Highway Bureau in Hefei on October 9, 2016. Chen Xiuhe, Deputy Managing Director of ATCDI, Wang Fei and Shen Hongbo from the Railway and Geotechinical Branch and major design engineers from the branches of Municipal Engineering, Transportation, Transportation & Architecture Design and Geological & Prospecting attended the session. The construction drawing design, which went through the review with flying colors, impressed the owner and experts with its high quality.

The 1,345m tunnel, designed with 6 lanes and a speed of 60 km/h, will be applied with a cofferdam and open-cutting method; With the embedded and submerged sections being 882m and 475m long respectively, the deepest part being 9.4m below the water surface, the design and construction feature technical difficulties.

ATCDI was awarded the bid in July 2016; within a tight schedule, ATCDI has managed to compile the Project Feasibility Report, followed up by report approval, preliminary design and construction drawing design, in a span of three months. Faced with the tight schedule, heavy tasks, technical difficulty and the lack of manpower, all the staff in the Branch have sacrificed their National Day and Mid-Autumn holidays to crack technical barriers, including the building of the deep-water cofferdam, excavation of deep and big foundation pits in complicated geological conditions, high confined water head and severe stratigraphic liquidation. ATCDI’s high-efficient and high quality construction drawing design has earned praises from the Owner.

The successful completion of this project will lay a favorable foundation for future underwater tunnel engineering works, and is of great significance in the development of ATCDI’s strength in underground tunnel design.