Qian Zhaohua, Deputy General Manager of the Group Company, Visited ATCDI


On the afternoon of October 10, Qian Zhaohua, deputy general manager of the Group, visited the ATCDI for research. Zuo Dunli, director of the investment and development department, Su Xinguo, director of the construction management department, Zhou Xiaohu, deputy director of the general affairs department and Sun Dunhua, deputy director of science and technology department of the Group, were accompanied Leaders of the ATCDI participated in the research symposium.

Wang Jishuang, chairman and deputy secretary of the party committee of the ATCDI, gave a brief introduction to the development of the ATCDI, the completion of the key work in 2016, the development of learning and education of the “two studies and one action”, the 13th Five-Year Plan and the current difficulties and put forward related suggestions.

Qian Zhaohua fully affirmed the development achievements of the ATCDI. He pointed out that, the party and government departments of the ATCDI, who had been united and pragmatic and enterprising, had done a lot of fruitful work on the in-depth integration of the two institutes, acceleration of the listing and the active expansion of new business and new fields and had made outstanding achievements especially that the revenue and profit this year had a substantial increase compared to the last year, which was a good start of the 13th Five-Year Plan.

Qian Zhaohua required that, the ATCDI should combine the Group’s strategic planning, the actual development of the ATCDI and expert opinions, further improve the 13th Five-Year Plan, develop specific measures to achieve leapfrog development; should focus on efficiency, base on the transportation, take the professional and diversified development path to achieve business transformation and upgrading; should strengthen the work of planning and communication and coordination, speed up the listing progress, deepen internal reform, stimulate endogenous motivation, and further make the ATCDI bigger, stronger and more excellent; should adhere to scientific innovation, find new economic growth points to improve economic efficiency; and should actively promote strategic cooperation with the central enterprises, provincial enterprises, local government, deepen the implementation of “going out” strategy, actively promote PPP, EPC and other emerging business model and expand the business chain.