Preliminary Design of Hefei-Anqing Expressway "Four to Eight Lanes" Rebuild Project - Lujiang North Crossing Passed the Review


On October 10, 2016, entrusted by the Lujiang County Development and Reform Commission, Anhui Dingxin Engineering Consulting Management Co., Ltd. hosted the Review on Hefei-Anqing Expressway" Four to Eight Lanes "Lujiang North Crossing Preliminary Design (" Preliminary Design “in short) in Hefei. Anhui Transportation Holding Group, Hefei Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Transportation Bureau, Lujiang County Development and Reform Commission, the Transportation Bureau, Planning Bureau, Land Resource Bureau, Water Utility Bureau, Guohe Town People's Government and other organizations attended the meeting. An panel of eight experts was invited to the review session. Chen Xiulin, President of the Third Branch Institute of ATCDI and relevant designers attended the meeting.

The project is an independent interchange project fashioned from the previously reserved Baiguo Interchange, which is an integral part of the expansion project of G3 Jingtai Expressway Fangxing Avenue - Ma Yan section. The project is located in the eastern part of Guohe Town, Lujiang County. The intersection of G3 Jingtai Expressway and Baiguo Expressway (design and implement concurrently) is 5.89km away from Shucheng interchange and 12.34 km away from Lujiang interchange. It is recommended to adopt the A-type, single- trumpet interchange. The ramp spans over the Expressway, and is set with 4-in- 6-out ramp toll stations.

Experts and relevant institutions debriefed the report on the Preliminary Design given by ATCDI and the opinions and suggestions from the representatives of the relevant units regarding the construction, and reviewed the Preliminary Design and related materials.

The expert panel reckoned that the Preliminary Design is basically complete in content and reasonable on the whole. The design standards are applied properly with informative basic data and clear charts. It has basically met the requirements stated in relevant national standards and documents.

The construction of the project is in line with the strategy of building up the independent innovation demonstration Hefei-Wuhu-Bengbu Zone and will produce favorable social and economic benefits in an aim to meet the needs of rapid development of Lujiang County Taiwan Farmer Venture Park, Lujiang Economic Development Zone and the Large Industrial Park, and the rapid economic and social development of Lujiang, the sub-center city located south of Hefei, as well as the requirement to achieve fast commuting within the northern part of Lujiang County, such as Guohe and Jinniu.