Construction Drawing Design for Water-damaged Emergency Response Project Completed, And Subsequent Services Unfolded


Since the flood season of this year, mid-June to mid-July in particular, south Anhui Province, Dabie Mountains, areas along the Yangtze River and Jianghuai District have all witnessed the heavy precipitation which caused traffic disruption and severe flood damage. ATCDI, to positively cope with the adverse situation and to actively answer the call of the Group Company, established a Water-damage Emergency Response Team under the leadership of anti-disaster technical steering team, participated by Wang Yaoming, the Deputy General-Manager as the team leader, Zhang Sheng, the Assistant Chief Engineer and Huang zhenhe, the Technical consultant. Engineering Technology Department, Engineering Technology Research Institute, Bridge Engineering Technology Branch Office and Rail Transportation and Geotechnical Branch Institute have pulled together in this endeavor.

By the end of August, construction drawings for over a hundred flood-damaged areas spotted along the highway from Gaojie, Liuqian, Nanyanjiang, Anjing, Dongpeng, Xuanguang, all the way up to the North Outer Ring Road of Chaohu, as well as some of the municipal roads, have been completed. The Team, for its prompt action, timely emergency response, feasible plan and appropriate measures taken, have received unanimous praise from the Group leader and the Owners.

The restoration projects along the highway have commenced in succession. Given the scattered worksites, the uncertain factors that may increase the difficulty during construction, and the follow-up workload, the task group took initiative to improve the cooperation with the Engineering & Technology Department and spared no efforts in offering all-round technical supports.

The flood-damage emergency response projects have exerted notable social benefits. It lays a good foundation for further construction undertaken by the Bridge Engineering & Technology Branch Office and for the promotion of the R&D achievements in terms of curing, consolidation and emergency rescue.