ATCDI Paid A Return Visit to Chaohu-Wuwei Section, North- Yangtze River Expressway


On October 11, 2016, led by Wang Yaoming, ATCDI’s Deputy General Manager, an inspection team consisting of Ma Libin, Director of Engineering and Technical Department, Zhang Jun, Deputy Director of Engineering and Technical Department, Chen Xiulin, President of the 3rd Branch Institute, Zhao Huahong, Vice President of Rock and Soil Brach Institute and other relevant design personnel conducted a design re-inspection on Chaohu-Wuwei Section, North Yangtze River Expressway.

The section boasts complex engineering and geological conditions, complicated by well-developed water connection and the road interchange. Moreover, the poor geological phenomena such as soft soil, karst and expansive soil in most sections posed great difficulties to the construction.

Accompanied by the owners and construction units, Wang Yaoming and his delegation carried out the site inspection to each bid section, answered questions raised by the construction units and offered the corresponding solutions. All parties involved in the construction spoke highly of ATCDI’s follow-up services and expressed their appreciation for timely and effective technical supports offered.