Preliminary Design of Planned S313 (S306) Rerouting Project (Toupuxi-Wanghuailing Section) Passed the Review


On October 12, 2016, the preliminary design of S313 (S306) Rerouting Project (Toupuxi - Wanghuailing section) completed by ATCDI passed the expert review organized by Bengbu Development and Reform Commission. Seven experts were invited and representatives from Bengbu Transportation Bureau, Bengbu Municipal Road Bureau, Bengbu Development and Reform Commission, Transportation Bureau and other institutions of Wuhe County attended the meeting. The Bridge Branch Institute, as the major branch, has delivered the reports. The 2nd Branch Institute, Transport Branch Institute, Transport Architectural Design Institute and the Geological Survey Branch Institute attended the meeting.

The project, located in the southwest of Wuhe County, starts from S306 and ends at G104. The project stretches 10.306km from Wuhe County Planning Area, Huaibei Levee, Huaihe Main Channel to Xiangmiao Floodway District, including a new-built 8.328km planned urban trunk road / Class I Expressway. The speed is designed to be 60 km/h, and the roadbed is 35.5/33 meters wide. The asphalt concrete is adopted for pavement, and bridges and culverts are designed with a load of Expressway-Level I.

Huaihe River Bridge, as the control work of this project, has a total length of 2,017 meters. The main bridge, based on the concept of "Five Waterways Bridge Complex”, also functions as an urban landscape. The proposed extradosed cable-strayed bridge is designed to be built with corrugated steel web (105 + 180 +105 m )-PC composite box girder. “Crab" is introduced as the prototype for the main tower design. The tower-beam consolidation system applied makes it rank first among those of the same type in Anhui Province. The span of the bridges ranks second of its kind in China. And it is another breakthrough in the application of the same structure technology for long-span bridge construction since the Huaihe River Bridge (98 meters-Span Corrugated steel web continuous girder bridge) at Nanzhao.