Seminar on Steel Composite Beam Design for Luoding-Xinyi (Guangdong–Guangxi Border) Expressway Project held successfully


The Steel Plate Composite Beam Design Seminar was held at the Luoxin Expressway Project Preparation Office in Guangdong Province on Oct. 8, 2016; it was held to put into practice the spirit embodied in the Guidance to Promote Road Steel Structure Bridge Construction (JGLF [2016] No. 115) released by the Ministry of Transport and other relevant documents issued by the provincial departments, and to ensure the design reliability and construction feasibility. Participants include leaders from the Transport Department of Guangdong Province, Guangdong Transport Group and Guangdong Highway Construction Company. Seven well-known bridge experts including Shao Changyu, Chen Guoxiang, Zheng Kaifeng, Deng Qing’er and Wang Hong were specially invited to the Seminar. Wang Shengbin, ATCDI’s Deputy Chief Engineer, and Liang Changhai, Qiu Tijun and Yang Yang from Bridge 2nd Branch Institute attended the meeting.

Experts and delegates listened to the report on the study of steel composite beam given by ATCDI and Guangdong Provincial Institute. After a full discussion, it was considered that both had made an in-depth analysis on the span composite set and the substructure of the steel composite beam, the beam design parameters,  deck slab form and the connection between steel beam and bridge deck, and the mechanical calculation basically complete; ATCDI's calculation results were considered more reliable and economic indicators more reasonable, thus, 35m and 40m steel composite beams being reckoned as having practical value for pilot application. The Proposal of the Bridge Girder Erection Machine put forward by ATCDI was proved to be economic and reasonable. Given the experience gained through domestic projects, the proposal was concluded technically feasible.

In view of the difficulty in bridge coating and maintenance in mountainous areas, experts suggested to strengthen the anti-corrosion coating design as the next step to prolong the corrosion-proof duration, further study the selection of weather-proof steel, and optimize the design of conservation facilities at the construction drawing design stage.

The success of the meeting laid a solid foundation for the successful trial application of the steel composite beam in the project, which points the direction for the follow-up structural optimization design. It had also exerted a significant effect on raising the position and prestige of ATCDI in the design market of Guangdong Province.