Construction Drawing Design of Interchange Connecting Hefei Loop Expressway and Jixian Road (Traffic Safety and Electrical and Mechanical Facilities) Adopted


On October 12, 2016, Hefei Highway Administration Bureau hosted the construction drawing design review of interchange connecting Hefei Loop Expressway and Jixian Road (traffic safety and electrical and mechanical facilities). Sun Yexiang, deputy chief engineer of the ATCDI, Long Guang, president of the Transport Branch, Xu Dianfeng, deputy president of the Transport Branch and relevant designers attended the meeting.

The project, which connects with Jixian Road, is to construct the interchange at the intersection of Hefei Loop Expressway and Jixian Road.  At present, there are 8 service-type interchanges on Hefei Loop Expressway. This project is 4.4km away from Jinzhai Road Interchange and 7.4km away from Shushan Interchange. The project, which brings good social and economic benefits to the southwest network, is constructed to meet the rapid economic and social development needs of Hefei, to ease the traffic pressure of the adjacent two service interchanges (Jinzhai Road interchange and Shushan Interchange) and improve the operating efficiency of expressways, and to improve urban transport conditions and the comprehensive transport system in Hefei.

The participating experts listened carefully to the project’s drawing design report made by designers of the ATCDI, carefully reviewed the design documents, and led to the expert group comments after discussion. They affirmed the design documents, agreeing that the construction drawing design documents of the project were complete in content, the overall design was relatively reasonable, the design standards were appropriately used and the charts were clear. The design documents could be adopted for guidance for the next stage of work after revised according to the expert group’s comments.