Guoyang Third Guo River Bridge Opened to Traffic


On October 18, 2016, organized by the Guoyang Transportation Bureau, the handover and acceptance meeting of the Third Guo River Bridge was held smoothly, which marked the successful completion and opening of the Third Guo River Bridge. At the meeting, the Transportation Bureau fully affirmed the ATCDI’s contributions to the bridge’s successful completion with quality and quantity guaranteed and praised the “timely, efficient, high-quality” spirit upholding by the ATCDI in the follow-up services.

The main bridge of Guoyang Third Guo River Bridge is 2*124m steel-mixed water drop tower cable-stayed bridge. The idea of “water drop” tower is originated from the thought that “The top virtue is like water, benefiting all, contending with none” in Guoyang Lao-tzu Culture, implying the old maxim that “The top virtue is like water”, the spirit that” Constant dripping wears away a stone” and the feeling that “Wide heart embraces all”.  The completion of the bridge, which effectively alleviates the traffic volume of the Guo River Bridge and the Second Guo River Bridge, is of great significance for perfecting the urban bridge layout, linking up the two sides of the Guo river and enhancing the image and cultural taste of the city.