ATCDI Attends 2016 Joint Session of Key Scientific Research Platform for the Transportation Industry


In order to fully carry out the spirit of National Science and Technology Innovation Conference, to strengthen the exchange and cooperation via key scientific research platforms in the trade, and to improve the platform innovation and development, 2016 Joint Session of Key Scientific Research Platform for the Transportation Industry was held from October 20 to 22, 2016 in Tianjin. Mao Hongqiang, ATCDI’S Chief Engineer, attended the meeting. Keynote speeches were delivered by 4 labs and 2 research centers, followed by specifically-themed exchanges. ATCDI has undertaken the establishment of the Research Center for Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Technologies for Road Transport and Equipment Transportation Industry; Mr. Mao, based on the works of the Center, addressed the conference with a focus on ATCDI’s achievements and short- and long-term programs.

At the conference, the Charter of Join Director Conference for the key research platform was discussed. In addition, three topics, focusing on the ideas on the development of key research platform, precise functional positioning of key labs and research centers, innovative development of service industry and improvement of operational mechanism, and promotion of platform exchanges and cooperation, had been fully discussed. Wang Shuangji, President of ATCDI, was elected Secretary of the Joint Session.

Regulations have been refined and the leading organization was elected during this Joint Session, which, at the same time, has created a favorable environment for communications on key scientific research platforms and between the platform and other industries; the conference also made contributions in the development of a good operation.