Feasibility Study Report (FSR) on S11 Wuhu-Huangshan Expressway Project Passed the Preliminary Examination


The preliminary examination of the FSR on S11 Wuhu-Huangshan Expressway Project was held by the Communications Department of Anhui Province in Hefei on Oct. 20, 2016. Representatives of the Communication Department of Wuhu, Fanchang, Nanlin, Xuancheng, Jingxian, Jingde and Huangshan District of the municipal of Huangshan; representatives of the People’s Government of Jingxian, Jingde and those of Anhui Communications Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. have attended the convention, joined by 6 specially-invited experts. Hong Qiang, Mao, the Chief Engineer of ATCDI, and relevant personnel from the branch companies had also presented.

The attendees were briefed on the report addressed by ATCDI’s project person in charge. The preliminary examination result has been concluded through a full deliberation and discussion upon relevant documentations. Experts reckoned that the detailed content, the self-explanatory charts and the full-fledged analytic demonstration all have met the requirements as stipulated in the Measures For The Compilation of FSR For Highway Construction Projects and relevant specifications. It can serve as the basis of the following works after being modified and perfected.  

While experts spoke highly of the FSR, it was recommended to have further supplimentary arguments on the necessity of the proposed project added to the report.  It was pointed out that the traffic volume could be more precisely predicted if the updated regional ecomonic development planning was taken into account; Techinical standards should be set up in sections(e.g.:100km/h and 80km/h) based on the regional topography.

This FSR’s passing the preliminary examination has laid a favorable foundation for further execution of the project.