Technique Handover of Interchange Renovation and Expansion Project from Zhouzhuang to Longxi of Hefei-Nanjing Expressway Completed Successfully


On October 26, 2016, the meeting for technique handover of interchange renovation and expansion project from Zhouzhuang to Longxi of Hefei-Nanjing Expressway was held at the Construction Office of Hefei-Nanjing Highway Renovation and Expansion Project in Quanjiao. More than 50 representatives from the Construction Office, construction unit and supervision unit attended the meeting. Xie Hongxin, deputy general manager of the ATCDI, Li Jing, deputy chief engineer, Ma Libin, director of engineering and technology department, Cheng Yuanzhi, president of the Fourth Branch, Ding Yue, chief engineer, Luo Meiqing, chief engineer of Second Bridge Branch, and related designers also attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the ATCDI made a detailed construction technique handover report on the focus, difficulties, construction considerations, etc. of the project and replied questions raised by the supervision unit, the resident unit, the construction unit and other units one by one. At the same time, the attended parties had a full discussion on problems existing at the project implementation phase and reached a consensus.

The technique handover, which made representatives from the participating units especially relevant personnel from the construction unit comprehend the design idea and understand the construction focus and precautions, won the appraisal from all participating units.