Party Committee Holds Seminar: Abiding by Base-line of Discipline and Developing Nobel Virtues


On the morning of October 24, 2016, the Party Committee held its central group meeting, discussing and studying the topic -- “Abiding by Base-line of Discipline and Developing Nobel Virtues”. Members of ATCDI’s leader group attended the meeting hosted by Yang Chuanyong, Deputy Party Secretary and Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission.

The meeting focused on the following themes, including important spirit of President Xi Jinping ‘s speech at the conference of party building in national state-owned enterprises and the report of learnings on The Selected Works of Hu Jintao as well as the spirit of democratic centralism. Anhui Provincial Party Secretary Li Jinbin’s speech at the work report of Anhui’s discipline inspection commission was also conveyed and studied among the participants.

The participants had a heated discussion about how to observe Party discipline and develop noble virtues in work and life according to President Xi’s speeches. They all agreed that ATCDI’s party committee should set a good example in observing disciplines to earn the trusts from both superiors and staff by creating an orderly and law-abiding image in each occasion and detail. It was also agreed that the party members should be strict observers in political discipline and stay consistent with the Party Central Committee in thoughts, political affairs and actions. Guided by President Xi’s speech at the conference of party building work in national state-owned enterprises, the party committee is expected to foster a discipline awareness, take the responsibility of party control and governance and implement the tasks to refine work modes of integrating party building work into production and management, and by making good use of the effect in party building, further build up ATCDI’s strength and scope.