Design Plan Consultation of ZhengPugang Special Railway Across S206 Highway in Ma’anshan Adopted


On August 28, 2016, Ma’anshan Traffic Management Bureau hosted the consultation meeting for the design plan of ZhengPugang special railway across S206 highway in Ma’anshan. Tang Yong, chief engineer of ATCDI’s Third Branch, and chief consultants attended the meeting.

The participants listened to ATCDI’s report regarding consultation proposals on the railway overpass design plan and opinions from the relevant units, reviewed the consultation documents and held a full discussion, agreeing that the railway across S206 highway design plan basically accorded with the Specification for Safety Assessment of Accommodating Structures and Utilities within Right-of-way of Highways and related regulatory requirements. After further modification and improvement, the consultation report could be reported to the transport department. The consultation report, annexed with complete signatures, was prepared in accordance with specifications, so the conclusion was credible.

The ZhengPugang special railway project, located in Ma’anshan and Wuhu in Anhui, expands from Tongcheng Gate Station of Huainan Railway in the west to Zhangpugang, with the full length of 38.780km. The special railway intersects with provincial highway S206 in Chengnan Town, He County with the intersection angle of 69°. The intersection of S206 is first-class road with the subgrade width of 34.5 meters. The (40 +64 +40) m continuous beam of the railway at the intersection expands across the highway.

(三分院   朱新宇)