ATCDI Launched the Party Warning Education


To solidly promote the "Studies on the Theoretical and Practical Issues of Party Building", implement publicity and education activities about building up the CPC Party work style and a clean government, strength the mastery of Party spirit among party members and cadres, and build up a strong ideological and moral defense line against corruption, on the morning of August 30, more than 70 Party representatives from ATCDI attended the Anti-corruption Integrity Education taking place at the clean government education and training base in Binhu New Area, Anhui Province.

In the study tour of more than one hour, all participants reviewed the history of the Party's anti-corruption construction, the important statements addressed by current and previous state leaders on building a clean government and the new achievements made in clean government building and anti-corruption cause. The exhibition was composed of the preface, glorious history, models of the times, warning events, incorruptibility, epilogue; the warning education was conducted via such forms as pictures, text and video. Especially in the hall of “warning events ", the educational video "Days of No Freedom" had aroused reflections among audience who had deeply sensed the arduousness in the long-term clean government construction and anti-corruption struggle.

After the visit, alertness has been evoked in mind, bottom line recognized and reverence in action. In future work and life, it must be always born in mind the provisions of building the party's work style and the clean government, and all were expected to be dedicated to work so as to make due contributions to the ATCDI’s sustained and stable development.