Preliminary Design of Elevated Highway Eastward Extension Project on Yuxi Road, Hefei Adopted


On August 30 and 31, 2016, Hefei Development and Reform Commission hosted the preliminary design review of the project on Yuxi Road (Zhongyoufang Road - Qiaotouji Road), Hefei. The meeting was attended by representatives from Hefei Urban and Rural Construction Commission, Hefei Urban Planning Bureau, Land and Resource Department of Hefei, Hefei Environment Protection Bureau, Hefei Key Project Construction Administration Bureau, Hefei Water Authority, Hefei Forestry and Landscape Bureau, Hefei Traffic Police Detachment, Hefei Public Transport Group Co., Ltd., Hefei Drainage Administration Office, Hefei Railway Construction Offce, Yaohai District, Feidong County and other units. Nine experts, Tang Zhenzhong included, were invited to the meeting. Relevant leaders and project design personnel from the Second Municipal Administration Branch, the Second Bridge Branch and the Traffic Architectural Design Institute also attended the meeting.

The designers of the ATCDI introduced the project’s preliminary design plan and the coordination docking results at the design and research phase of the plan to the participating units and experts. The in-depth and meticulous communication was made between designers of the ATCDI and the participating units and experts on the project’s design plan. The experts agreed that the ATCDI’s early work was careful, the design documents were detailed, the overall plan was scientific and rational, the design depth met the requirements, and the preliminary design documents could be submitted for approval after improved.

The elevated system of the project is a two-way 6-lane carriageway. The elevated highway starts at the end of the existing elevated highway on Yuxi Road, and lands on the level expressway after extending across Zhongyoufang Road, Shuidong Road, Dazhong Road, Dongfeng Road, Loop Expressway and Longtang Road. Passing through the existing frame bridge of Hefei-Nanjing High-speed Railway, the elevated highway passes over Donghua Avenue and Cuiwei Pavilion Road, and then lands. Three on- and off-ramps, located on Dazhong Road and Dongfeng Avenue respectively, and three connection ramps including Shuidong Road Connection Ramp (west to the north left-turn ramp) and Qiaotouji Road Connection Ramp (west to north left-turn ramp, north to west right-turn ramp), are set up on the section between Zhongyoufang Road to Qiaotouji Road. At the same time, a pair of on- and off-ramps is added respectively on the east side of Longgang Road Junction and on the west side of Youfang Road Junction. The level crossing at the intersection of Yuxi Road and Longtang crossing of the Loop Expressway is renovated to trumpet-shaped interchange. The total length of the project is 8.51 km and the total investment is about RMB 2.56 billion.

 (Wang Li from Second Municipal Works Branch)