ATCDI Invited for AHTS 40th Anniversary


On the afternoon of July 20, the celebration of the 40thanniversary of Anhui Highway and Transportation Society (AHTS) was successfullyheld in Hefei, Anhui. More than 100 participants, including the leaders fromChina Highway and Transportation Society, Anhui Association for Science andTechnology, Transport Department of Anhui Province and Anhui Department ofCivil Affairs, former leaders and veterans from Anhui Highway andTransportation Society, members of the 7th Council, representativesfrom the national transportation system and from outstanding transportationscience and technology workers, gathered together to review the developmentprocess of highway and bridge construction in the past 40 years and AHTS growthhistory while looking forward to the future development of the highway andbridge industry. Wang Jishuang, ATCDI’s Party Secretary and Chairman, wasinvited to attend the celebration as AHTS Vice Chairman.

Luo Ning, AHTS Chairman, made a keynotespeech at the meeting, in which he summarized and prospected the development ofAnhui highway transportation and AHTS.

The conference also invited FengMaorun, former chief engineer of the Ministry of Transport, Zhang Houzhong,chief engineer of Transport Department of Anhui Province, Xu Hongguang, ATCDIDeputy Party Secretary and General Manager, and other experts from the highwaytransportation industry to deliver on-site special reports.

In his report entitled Innovationand Development in Construction Technology for Highways and Bridges in AnhuiProvince, Xu Hongguang introduced the development process of highway andbridge construction in Anhui from a historical perspective to the participants,and focused on the latest scientific achievements and applications in theProvince, which has fully demonstrated Anhui’s comprehensive technologicalstrength in highway and bridge construction.

Anhui Highway and TransportationSociety, an academic, public-welfare and non-profit association, wasvoluntarily formed and legally registered by organizations in the fieldsrelated to highway and transportation and by scientific and technical workersin these fields. It serves as a bridge that links the Party and the governmentswith scientific and technological workers, as well as an important social forcein scientific and technological innovation, particularly in the scientific andtechnical development of highways and transportation.

As AHTS vice chairman, ATCDI has been activelyparticipating in and supporting all the work of the Society and has made greatefforts for the development of Anhui’s highway transportation. In the future,ATCDI will continue to make contributions to the construction of a Modern,Five-Great Development and Better Anhui, in a joint effort with scientists andtechnologists in highway transport in Anhui.

Wang Jishuang, ATCDI’sParty Secretary and Chairman, was invited to attend the conference.

Weng Mengyong, Chairmanof China Highway and Transportation Society, was delivering a speech.

Luo Ning, AHTS Chairman,was giving a keynote speech.

Wang Shui,Chairman of the AHTS 6th Council, was giving a speech.

Feng Maorun,former Chief Engineer of the Ministry of Transport, was giving a report.

Zhang Houzhong,Chief Engineer of Transport Department of Anhui Province, was making a report.

Xu Hongguang,ATCDI Deputy Party Secretary and General Manager, was presenting a report.