ATCDI Won the First Prize of Shanghai Science and Technology Award


Recently, 2018 ShanghaiScience and Technology Award Conference was held in the Friendship Hall ofShanghai Exhibition Center. The project "Optimization of DynamicCharacteristics and Wind-induced Vibration Control of Cable-supported Bridgeswith Double Main Spans" completed by ATCDI won the First Prize of 2018 ShanghaiScience and Technology Award. Xu Hongguang, ATCDI’s Deputy Secretary andGeneral Manager, was also commended by the Conference as the projectperson-in-charge.

The Shanghai Scienceand Technology Award, established by the Shanghai Municipal People'sGovernment, focuses on major scientific and technological achievements, discoveriesand original innovations, in an aim to promote the transformation of economicdevelopment mode, foster strategic industries, enhance urban safety and healthyecological development and improve the innovation capability and economicdevelopment of districts and counties.

The award-winning "Optimization of DynamicCharacteristics and Wind-induced Vibration Control of Cable-supported Bridgeswith Double Main Spans" project, which was based on the Yangtze RiverHighway Bridge in Ma’anshan designed and completed by ATCDI, has effectivelysolved engineering and technical problems in bridge design and ensured a safeand smooth construction.

The left branch ofMa'anshan Bridge is considered as the world's leading multi-tower suspensionbridge, while the right branch is China’s first curved, cable-stayed bridgewith multiple concrete pylons, parts of which adopt original bionic rootstalkfoundation. The Bridge, large in construction scale, boasts many of scientificand technological contents; during the design, there were many key anddifficult points were to be tackled. The Bridge is also well known for the innovationsapplied, apart from its beautiful shape designed.

In the design process,ATCDI’s designers creatively solved a series of engineering and technicalproblems, and their works reached the international leading level in terms ofboth design concept and technical achievements.

Since its opening to traffic, the Bridge, fullyrecognized by domestic and foreign scholars, has successively received a numberof domestic and international awards, including the George S. Richardson Medal,the Science and Technology Special Award by China Highway and TransportationSociety, the First Prize of Science and Technology Award of Anhui Province,Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize, Luban Award, and the First Prize ofOutstanding Design for Highway Transport. It has become an ATCDI’s landmarkproject in its endeavor to be an outstanding technology operator in the fieldof integrated transportation.

Left Branch, the Yangtze River Highway Bridge in Ma’anshan

Right Branch, theYangtze River Highway Bridge in Ma’anshan